HighDay Acceptable Use Policy

EFFECTIVE: 12/18/2023

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) is a key part of the HighDay Terms of Service Agreement (“TOS”) and is included by reference. HighDay may update this AUP at any time by posting a new version on the HighDay website. Changes become effective immediately upon posting. You are responsible for regularly checking the HighDay Website for updates to this AUP. HighDay has the exclusive right to interpret, enforce, define, and implement this AUP. Services may be suspended or terminated for violations of this AUP as per the TOS. Questions about this policy should be directed to support@highday.com.

NO MISSION CRITICAL OR HIGH RISK USE HighDay’s service is not designed for use in critical, emergency, medical, life-saving, or life-sustaining situations, nor in any context where service failure could result in harm or environmental damage.

ABUSE You are prohibited from using HighDay’s network or services for illegal, harmful, or irresponsible activities, including:

  • Disrupting service to any HighDay user or any other network (e.g., mail bombing, flooding, system overloading, transmitting viruses);
  • Unauthorized collection or use of personal data (e.g., phishing, scamming, spidering, harvesting);
  • Security breaches (e.g., probing, scanning, testing vulnerabilities without HighDay’s written consent);
  • Actions leading to retaliation against the HighDay network or its employees;
  • Any other abusive or malicious activities as determined by HighDay.

PROHIBITED CONTENT You must not use HighDay’s network to publish or transmit content that HighDay deems:

  • Adult material, excessive violence, harassment, or hate speech;
  • Dangerous or illegal (e.g., compromising safety, security risks, trade secrets, copyright infringements);
  • Promotion of illegal drugs, arms trafficking, or other illegal activities;
  • Other malicious or fraudulent content as determined by HighDay.

RESTRICTED INDUSTRIES Due to high abuse and complaint rates, HighDay cannot service:

  • Payday loans, debt collection, gambling, affiliate marketing;
  • Get rich quick, Ponzi schemes, work from home opportunities;
  • Day trading, penny stocks, lead sales, or email data brokering.

EMAIL REQUIREMENTS All emails must comply with laws like CAN-SPAM and CASL, and must:

  • Originate from a domain you own or control;
  • Not contain false or misleading information;
  • Not be characteristic of spam as determined by HighDay.

TRANSACTIONAL EMAIL Transactional emails must be related to an ongoing commercial relationship, and you must retain transaction details as evidence.

BULK OR COMMERCIAL EMAIL For commercial emails:

  • Consent must be obtained from recipients;
  • Retain evidence of consent;
  • Include an unsubscribe option and a complaint email address;
  • Your emails must not result in excessive blacklistings or complaints.
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